Posi Trac & Lockers

Differentials essentially transfer the power from your engine to your wheels via the axle, allowing your vehicle to move.

In a positraction differential, the unit senses which wheel has the greatest traction, when one tire is slipping or stuck, and sends power to that wheel. Power to the other wheel continues until equal control is returned to both tires. Positraction is beneficial when road conditions are wet or muddy.

Locking differentials allow both wheels to travel at the same speed, so when traction is lost for one wheel, both wheels will still keep spinning regardless of the amount of resistance. They can be added to either the front or rear axle, or even both axles if you’re planning on doing some hardcore off-roading. For example, if you’re crawling up a rocky trail and one of your wheels ends up dangling free in the air, an open differential is going to send all the power to the wheel experiencing the least resistance.